Smart TOEFL iBT Reading Basic 1 (Smart TOEFL iBT Basic) Kindle Edition


*NOTE: Smart TOEFL® iBT Reading Basic 1 is a part of Smart TOEFL® iBT Basic 1 Series.

One of the most important standardized tests students of the English language may ever take is the TOEFL® iBT. Because getting a high score on the test is so crucial, it is important to prepare for the test as much as possible prior to taking it.

That is the purpose of Smart TOEFL® iBT Basic. This book focuses on all four sections on the TOEFL® iBT: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. In the Reading and Listening sections, all of the question types are explained. There are also hints as well as sample passages and questions. Finally, each unit contains two passages along with questions for test takers to answer. As for the Speaking and Writing sections, they contain sample questions and answers for all of the tasks found in those sections. The Reading passages and Listening lectures and conversations in Smart TOEFL® iBT Basic cover many of the topics that have recently appeared on the TOEFL®iBT. The questions and topics found in the Speaking and Writing units are also those that have recently appeared. This should help students when they sit for the actual test.

Smart TOEFL® iBT Basic is intended for students with an elementary knowledge of English. Therefore the passages are shorter, and the questions are easier than those found on the TOEFL® iBT. Nevertheless, the passages and questions are written in the TOEFL® iBT style, so students will be able to prepare themselves for the test when they actually take it. Smart TOEFL® iBT Basic will also provide students with a basic introduction to many different academic topics. Thus students will learn important information and specialized vocabulary in a number of topics.

This book, however, is merely a tool. Both students and teachers must make use of this tool in the best possible manner so that students may do as well as possible when they take the TOEFL® iBT.

About This Book

Smart TOEFL® iBT Reading Basic 1 consists of 10 Reading units. Each unit contains passages and questions. The passages and questions are similar to those found on the TOEFL® iBT.

The subjects of the passages in the Reading units have occurred on recent TOEFL® iBT tests. Since many topics on the TOEFL® iBT Reading section are repeated, this can benefit students. By becoming familiar with the topics, subject matter, and vocabulary used in the passages in the Reading units, students can be more confident when they take the TOEFL® iBT.

Each Reading unit contains an explanation of a type of question that appears after a Reading passage. Then, there are hints for answering that type of question and a short passage with a sample question. Finally, there are two Reading passages of around 250-300 words. They are each followed by four or five questions.



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